The Crew

Parkside is a eclectic group of people with one thing in common: they all love to ride! Whether it is getting lost during an all day adventure ride, shredding the trails on race day, or just cruising around town, we are a diverse group of riders who love bikes. 

Ben Botkins: Founder

As an avid fan of the outdoors and exercise, Ben has spent 15 years working with others who enjoy the same. Initally, his passion for snowboarding and mountains led him out west. But his love for the people and the beauty of Kentucky brought him home in 2008.

Following his dream of providing bikes to all riders, regardless of their skill or budget, he started Parkside out of his apartment in the Bestin, buying used bikes and rehabbing them. The demand for his bikes led to the first small store on Bardstown Road before moving to the two much larger current locations. Today you can find Ben at one of the stores still doing what he has been doing for the past fifteen years: helping people find a great bike that fits their individual needs.

Favorite bikes:
Salsa Warbird & Specialized Stumpjumper 6-fattie

How many bikes do you own:
4 in my active quiv & 12 or so vintage Italian road bikes

Favorite Beverage:
Lagunitas Pilsner 

Favorite new bike in the shop:
Bianchi Infinito

Jef Myers: Co-Owner

Jef, well he's pretty awesome.

Favorite bikes: 
Rocky Mountain Altitude & Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt

How many bikes do you own:
4 with 2 more already in mind.

Favorite Beverage:
Goodwood Lager & the occasional brown water. 

Favorite new bike in the shop:
Rocky Mountain Altitude!!!

Andrew Kallman: Mechanic

Originally from Pennsylvania and here by way of Charleston, South Carolina Andrew joined the team over a year ago. Andrew graduated from Barnett’s and continues to strengthen his knowledge each year by staying on top of the latest changes in technology and service procedures. Most of the time Andrew can by found at the 1377 Bardstown Road location covered in grease or in Cherokee Park shredding the trails on his single-speed El Mariachi. Connoisseur of all things pizza Andrew leads our Thursday night Cherokee Park group mountain bike rides. 

Favorite restaurant in Louisville:
Butchertown Grocery for Chicken & Waffles

Where would you like to ride if you could ride anywhere:

Favorite Beverage: 
Coffee - especially a Cortado

Favorite new bike in the shop:
Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt aka "The Funderbolt" 

Brent Wesley: Cycling Enthusiast

Brent -- aka Little B -- bought one of the first bikes ever sold at Parkside. Since that day, he’s been a staple around the shop. So it only seems right that he’s now officially part of the team! And don’t let his age fool you, he’s well versed in bicycles. From helping someone find the perfect bike to fixing tricky mechanical issues, Brent always has a solution for our customers. So come in and see him while you can, because one day soon he hopes to leave the high-stress bike life for a relaxing job fighting fires. But he will always shred. 

Favorite restaurant in Louisville:
Stevens & Stevens 

Where would you like to ride if you could ride anywhere:
New Zealand

Favorite Beverage:
H2O & Delicious Rhinegeist Truth

Favorite new bike in the shop:
2018 Rocky Mountain Altitude!!! 


Paul Cecil: Mechanic

Paul worked in numerous shops over past 17 years spanning from Alaska to Louisville. Before joining Parkside he was an mechanic in the Air force, but Paul’s true calling was ballet. Paul left last year to pursue his passion full-time. He’s missed but luckily still finds time to stop in every now and then to show off his pirouettes.

Austin Render: Cycling Enthusiast

A locally grown Kentucky boy, Austin was born and raised in Louisville, where he developed a healthy love for cycling. Bike touring is Austin’s passion and the past few years have led him around the world a time or two — often times by bike.

 Austin now brings his love for exploring by bike to the River City as founder of Louisville Bicycle Tours, and hopes to share the quirky charm and eccentricity of his hometown with those looking for a unique way to see the city.

Hang out with us!

Group Mountain Bike Ride
Thu. Aug 22, 6-9pm

Any questions contact:
Jef at
or call (502) 384-0668

Word on the street

Geo R.

This bike shop is awesome! Unlike the other one "Bike Couriers Bike Shop" (107 W Market St, the one who hung up on me, refused to take my relay call), they took my call with no problem, advised me to come in.

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