With so many new trails being created and a growing community of mountain bikers like KYMBA, Louisville is quickly becoming a great place to mountain bike. There are so many different things to consider when choosing a new mountain bike and our staff -- all riders themselves -- are trained to help you decipher all the choices. We also host a group mountain bike ride every Thursday at Cherokee Park -- its a great way to learn the trails. 

Louisville has a lot of mountain biking trails within its general vicinity. Here's a few of our favorite trails -- feel free to call and ask about them, most of the staff can be found out on these trails on their days off. 

Cherokee Park
Literally across the street from our Grinstead location and down the street from our Bardstown location we consider this home base. Located in the heart of the Highlands Cherokee Park has something for all levels of riders. Short punchy trails, technical rooty-rocky sections and fast flowy downhill conveniently located a short distance from some great places to grab a beer. Every Thursday night we lead a group ride out of our Grinstead location.

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Waverly Park
Located just twenty minutes from downtown Waverly offers some of the fastest trails around. Less technical than Cherokee Park, Waverly offers a bit more climbing and some really fun downhills.

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Fort Duffield
Down the road from Waverly is Fort Duffield an old Civil War fort that now has some of the gnarliest trails around. Affectionally referred to as "Old-school trails" you'll find lots of steep rooty climbs and big jumps and gaps. Expect to see some downhill bikes out there.

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O'Bannon Woods
Located about fifty minutes across the Ohio river in Southern Indiana is a super fun set of up and coming trails. Technical Rocky downhills with its fair share of climbing O'bannon has a challenge for every level of rider. There is even an Adventure trail that circles the whole park for the truly adventurous (be sure to bring lots of water).

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Brown County
Slightly farther into Indiana is Brown County an IMBA Epic labeled set of trails. There are all levels of trails from the fast flowy green loops to the infamous double black Schooner Trace. If you're at all around this place and like mountain biking make the stop.

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Deborah N.

I LOVE THIS PLACE! I have a vintage road bike - excellent bike, still in good shape. But as my hands have become vintage along with the bike, it was increasingly difficult to brake given the reach on the brakes.

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