Parkside Bikes opened its doors in June of 2009 as Louisville’s first used bicycle shop. The idea was simple, create a bike shop where quality bicycles were refurbished and sold at an affordable price. We wanted anyone to be able to walk in and ride a bike that would fit their riding style and budget. We've come a long way since then but our ideas remain the same. Used bikes will always be at the core of Parkside. All used bikes have a 100 day warranty and have been fully gone through to make run like new.

Hang out with us!

Group Mountain Bike Ride
Thu. Jun 21, 6-9pm

Any questions contact:
Jef at
or call (502) 384-0668

Word on the street

Matt R.

If you can't imagine dropping $1000 on a bike, or if you want a good spit-shine for ole rusty, this little shop is a sweet find. They keep a steady stream of newly refurbished bikes, all pretty affordable, and they are good with repairs.

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