We are a full-service bicycle repair shop that will work on any brand of bike, not just the ones we sell. Assessments are always free, and we are happy to have our staff take a look at your bike and give their recommendation on what we think needs to be done, always respecting your choices and budget.

Many services such as flat repair, new tires and small adjustments can be done while you wait. If you have any questions about a specific service please feel free to call or stop by at your convenience.

Service Packages

checkover - $25

  • Bike Inspection
  • Torque all Bolts
  • Lubricate Chain & Gears
  • Inflate Tires

Basic - $50

  • Adjust Shifters
  • Adjust Brakes
  • Wheel Inspection
  • Degrease & Lubricate Drivetrain
  • Clean Frame

Annual - $100

  • Perfect Shifting
  • Perfect Braking
  • Partial Disassembly
  • Chain & Cassette Solvent Soak
  • Hub Inspection
  • Wheel True
  • Wash & Polish Frame

Overhaul - $250

  • Annual Service
  • Full Bike Disassembly
  • All New Housing
  • All New Cables
  • All New Brake Pads
  • All New Bar Wrap
  • Wash, Polish & Wax Frame

Hang out with us!

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Thu. Aug 16, 6-9pm

Any questions contact:
Jef at
or call (502) 384-0668

Word on the street

leifer mcleiferson

Parkskide is the only bike shop that I have ever been to where the employees weren't complete arrogant jerks. Hands down the best customer service and friendliness I have ever received at a bike shop, and i'm elated to be wearing their great t-shirt today!

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